Mon, 19th Sep, 11:41PM
I recommend giving up. Broadly speaking, it is one of the two options you have. And it is certainly the one with less pain or pleasure. If you can pull it off, make it quick, cheap and definite. Don’t get distracted, or you will linger on.

You will certainly fail, the first few times. Convince yourself otherwise. You must realize that the other way is harder, more painful. Think of it as hastening an eventuality. It is always a matter of time.

If you’re still not convinced, let me elaborate. Let’s say you choose to keep going. What happens then? You enjoy it? Maybe. You don’t? Quite likely. In all probability it will be some awkward combination of the two, at the end of which you will claim to have “lived”. If you’re smart (most aren’t), you may even try to reduce one and increase the other. Going down that route, try not to get the two mixed up.

If you’re lucky and have a leg-up, you may never face this question, in which case: Good for you! If you’re unlucky and oppressed like hell, you surely have real problems to deal with: Even Better! Regardless, if this question presents itself, seize the opportunity. For you don’t know how long before you get another chance.

If someone asks your opinion on the matter, be vocal. There’s no need to hide, or be afraid. What will they do? Kill you? Some may use flawed arguments like: “Permanent solution to a temporary problem” or “it’s a disproportionate response”. If you can’t tell why these are flawed: Congratulations! You live to see another day.

Now let’s say that you choose to be a smart-ass and keep on keeping on. What do you do then? Work? Eat? Sleep? Expect a significant chunk of your time to be spent either doing or in service of these three. You can’t choose to not do any of these, otherwise you have already chosen what I asked you to, albeit a protracted and more painful version. Even so, what do you do in the remaining time? You’re left with pain, distractions, pleasure, maybe the occasional euphoria? If through luck and skill you manage to delay the inevitable for long enough, you may claim to have “won”. But only for the time being. Winning is just giving up with extra steps. Call it whatever you like, it is a trap. And the only escape is death.