This is a superhero movie about one Wade Wilson, who’s alter ego is Deadpool. Also known as the merc-with-a-mouth he is known for being absurdly immortal, funny and unconventional.

Deadpool (2016)

The special effects seem to be of the same cadre as those of the leaked test footage. People tend to get turned off when it looks like it is simply plastic figures battling each other as everything seems to have less weight. But I’ll forgive that given the relatively low budget and production hassles that had to be overcome to bring this movie to the people.

The Deadpool character is frequently known to break the fourth wall in the comic books which is genuinely carried over to the movie. The movie blatantly points out that it knows how absurd, senseless and downright weird somethings in the story are, and it is a very importany way of letting the audience know that We know it is stupid but roll with it, okay? The actual humour is pretty well done and something that works in the favour of the movie.

About halfway through, the movie feels like a straight and lazy port of the comic books to the movie format. This is something that may please most fans of the comic, but I would prefer if the movie makers experimented a bit with the idea of Deadpool and tried to make it more interesting. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the R-rating, the gore, nudity, violence or humour. What I am saying is that Deadpool can be a much more satisfying experience if some work was actually put towards the plotline. The flashbacks are mediocrely executed and fail at hiding the bland-ish storyline. The movie could’ve been so much more than a straight up origin story.

The post credits scene announces the coming of a sequel, which I hope will be better than this first movie and featue a real villian instead of a half-assed side character.

Deadpool Marketing

The marketing team seems to have a gotten a good feel of the movie and their marketing strategies show that they’re doing their job well.

Deadpool Marketing

This would mostly seem like any other superhero movie to a person who has no idea of who the comic book Deadpool really is.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (Average)