Before you found me,
I didn’t know what caring was,
I had only felt it in glimpses and in parts.
Before you found me,
I didn’t know what a woman was,
Someone so gentle, yet a force to call.
Before you found me,
I had given up hope,
Of ever feeling a lady’s dote.
Before you found me,
I was a child with a whine,
Alone in the open wilderness of time.

Then in a coffee shop you found me,
with my eyes shut in a moment of insanity.
It started with a tap on my temple,
you left me speechless and were so gentle.
A new set of eyes you bought me,
what love might feel like, you helped me see clearly.
I knew then, that this was something special.

Bits of our lives we shared,
All the while I kept thinking it was just in my head.
Making do with steaming mugs,
What I really wanted were your warm hugs.
A few detours here and there,
And the universe had had too much to bear.
The divine agents couldn’t help but implore,
They literally pushed us to the fore.
On a windy evening as the moon shone,
We realized what plenty baristas had already known.

Together, across the lake of life, a little bit we rowed,
Awed by the vast and depth of how well things flowed.
We lay in embrace under trees and stars,
I often thought of what went on in that head of yours.
There was distance and hurdles few, but we leapt over them,
It was special, that much we knew.
We sneaked in work, and found time in life,
It was slightly weird but it was no strife.
We left our marks on each other, in ways more than one,
You made me more of a man, if there ever was one.

Many bodies gathered evidence, some celestial others sapient,
Of what we felt for each other, when obscured behind a door or a tent.
Then an event that took its toll, on relationships and on mores.
You stood on your feet, still caring, gentle as always
and powered through all that got in your way.
We took long walks, and even cycled some,
But it wasn’t enough to cover all that we’d done.

It will take us some time, that security, but we’ll get there eventually.
Lakes are lucky for us, be it foggy or sun,
We seem to always have a witness in the form of one.
Rain too has some meaning, it pours when it wants,
Exactly at the right time, as if our prays were its wants.
This is not a farewell and I will find more with you,
For that, my Love, I will soon see you.