How a girl with conventionally good looks enters the adult entertainment industry. It doesn’t work as she’d planned but then at the end everything is okay because her ex-boyfriend is a druggie asshat, she catches her best friend masturbating to her own porn, but then doesn’t understand why he is doing it and finally becomes the lesbian partner of her porn producer/director.

About Cherry (2012)

There are multiple relationships that are portrayed here: her Mother, her younger Sister, her best friend, her new boyfriend and then her producer/director.

Dev Patel plays the friendzoned best friend who helps her through everything including helping her move out of her good for nothing town and out into the cool city of San Francisco. He never questions her decisions and wants to support her through whatever she wants. All this while constantly lusting after her, how she was unaware of this is something I don’t know.

Finally when things actually roll out, it seems as if she has lost faith in all males and ends up in a PTSD-ridden but otherwise cozy lifestyle with her producer who has just broken up with her lesbian ex-partner.

In the end she ends up achieving what she’d started out to, but not in the way she thought she’d achieve it. She becomes a camerawoman for the porn company while her partner-producer keeps up the voiceover teasing which apparently seems to be her selling point.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (Bad)