It is always fun to see the old boy in a new suit trope in action. This one comes with a retired Robert de Niro in a suite, complete with the gawking faces of onlookers, an workplace romance and him being a champ at his job.. ahem internship.

The Intern (2015)

The film begins with a retired Ben Whittaker applying for an internship at a hot new startup. He might as well be the grandpa from Pixar’s Up. While nobody takes his application seriously, it still manages to pull through.

In the beginning About the Fit, spearheaded by Hathaway’s character as CEO, has no work for Ben who is clearly a misfit in her world. As an observant person however, Ben spots all the problems the startup goes through and wades through it all piece by piece. Slowly gaining favour with the CEO, he becomes her personal coach of sorts as she takes her professional and personal decisions.

While what the movie shows is all fine and dandy, it is only possible if the old person in question is actually capable of taking care of himself and is in sufficiently good health. This is clearly not the case for most geriatrics and the movie paints a quite idealized picture.

Another hellhole the movie does good to avoid is the adulterer of a husband that Jules’s has. I’d expected them to quarrel and her to question Ben’s judgment, turning the story into something else entirely. But instead they go for a swifter resolution and wrap it up nicely in the allotted time.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (Average)